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Block Board

Nuwinply block boards are resistant to twisting / warping , has excellent screw holding & nail holding capability. Thus , concord makes the work easy.

The wooden battens are systematically arranged and seasoned with utmost care to avoid gap between the battens. It is weather proof & moisture resistant.

Nuwinply boards has high mechanical strength, dimensionally stability and are wrap free. It is best suited for load bearing horizontal panel application, with a history of defect free boards. Nuwinply block boards range is ideal to suffice any good working requirement.

Chequered Board

Nuwinply chequered floor boards are high densified plywood product.

Under heat and pressure these compressed chequered board are developed using modern technology and tested at every level for quality, strength and durability.These chequered boards are most preffered choice for trendy and stylish, fabrication work. Plywood combines enhances mechanical properties with extreme wear proof qualities. It not only eliminates the surface of ordinary plywood but also makes it anti- slippery plywood.

Film face

Superfine quality of densified film faced shuttering plywood is the best in it's grade for usage in heavy constructions such as high rise towers, tunnels, bridges, dam and other sites requiring reliable and dependable plywood of extreme density and strength. Its glue impregnated film provides protection against severe conditions of exposure and chemical reactions to concrete, giving a smooth mirror finish not requiring replastering. Its long lasting depends upon handaling, storage and regular oiling. This plywood withstand the corrasive action of cement, water and sunlight.

Panel Door

Nuwin panel doors are resistant to shrinking , swelling, cracking & joint separation. They have a particle wood filler solid core, high quality resin. They have uniform thickness, dimensional accuracy and stability in various condition, high buckling resistant ,high screw holding. They are available in 2, 3 & 4 panel.
Wooden Core:- The wood procured from social forestry and used as solid wooden core, after kiln seasoning and termite resistant treatment. These doors are most common because of their stability and durabilty which makes them outstanding for general purpose whether residential or official.
Honeycomb Core:- Honeycomb Core doors are used where light to medium duty requirements are needed and where lightness of weight is a factor such as in normal residential and office application. These doors are very durable,resist wraping, shrinking, and cracking.

Flush Door

Nuwin flush doors durable product for its excellent quality, exceptional finish and unique dimensional stability. It is made od selected hardwood frames and accurate battens.It is evenly constructed with same specied of timber that matter the most in providing longer life. Stiles, rails and wooden stripes are kiln- season and are treated with eco friendly preservatives.

Nuwin flush doors have extra lock rail that provides sufficient strength to the handles and knobs. Its hardwood frames provide high strength for fitting of hinges and anti deviation resistance.The complete tesing of flush doors enables the company to render assured strength, saftey and peace.


During manufacturing of nuwinply Ply a number of preventive and corrective measures are taken to maintain quality. The manufacturing process involves great care and supervision by technically experienced professionals. The use of condensed resin prepared at hi-tech resin manufacturing plant is the key to the life of plywood. The use of modern hardners and additives provide enormous stability and balance to the entire product range of Nuwinply Plwood.
Nuwinply Plywood is a premium quality plywood. It has balanced construction & a uniform layers which increases the strength of the Plywood. It has a fully compressed core & panel to increase the life of the plywood. It can be used for interior purpose under various climatic condition.

Flexi ply

Nuwinply flexiply plywood panel is commonly called "bendy plywood" or "flexiply" and is used extensively in furniture and shop fitting, where ever curves are desirable, thus demanding a panel that is extremely flexiply. Plywood with this flexiply characteristics is thinner cental core veneer and two thicker " tenderized" outer veneer. The special construction of particular species of venner gives an unusally large degree of flexibility and offers a most cost effective way of producing rounded coloumn and other curved structures of very small radius in rounded or S- shaped structures without water or the need of heat- forming. Bendy plywood is more convenient and much lower in the cost than premade wooden forms, as this flexible plywood will hold its shape once it is glued, laminated or veneered.This ability offers significant time savings, as covers and circulars designs can be produced using flexible plywood without the need for stuructural skeletonor special support.Flexible Plywood is available in 6mm thickness.

Liner Laminates

Liner laminates are products which are specially designed for furniture like… cupboards, shelves, kitchen cabinets, loft, partition, wall paneling surfaces and domestic and interior designs. Nuwin liner laminates are assembling of layers of thin composite materials, which are joined together to provide the required engeneering properties such as… bending nature, stiff surface, strenght, and co- efficeint thermal expansion.

PVC Board

PVC Board is also known as CHEVSON BOARD, ANDY BOARD. These board contains PVC Moulding, PVC Celuka Foarm Board, PVC Crust Foarm Board, Cellur PVC Trim Board. PVC Board are white boards with the high surface hardness on both the side. These Boards does not need a compulsory lamination for end user application. These are moisture proof, sprinter free with high density, high screw and nail holding capacity And can be used for commercial decoration, furniture, decorative panels.

Muskin Tape

Muskin Tapes are designed to be used in medium temperature. These are smooth paper with glue resistance which can be used for holding,bundling, sealing, and a vast number of other jobs, where a medium pressure sensitive tape is needed.
Muskin Tapes operate in the exact fashion as other adhesive tapes, a single- piece backing is found around itself, which holds an adhesive on one side of the backing.Muskin Tapes is applied to surface that the operator desires to keep in its existing condition while surface treatment occurs. These are easily tearable and easily dispensible.

Memarine Door

Memraine Door comes with various colours, design and different sizes according to the requirement (used both for exterior as well as interior purpose). These doors are hihgly impressive due to texture pattern on the skin of the doors.
Memraine Door are door with the skin moulded on flush door.Flush Door features plain facing on both the side of the construction,that makes the desiging easier by CNC Rauter for construction of the base of memraine door.

Regisn Doors

Regisn is a coating which is done on flush door. This is a yellow or brown sticky substance that comes from some tree, which is used to give strength and inhance the water resistance capacity on the doors.
These doors are gennerally used in area where there is a extensive water usage such as bathroom, big water plants.

Finger Joint

Finger Joint borads are generally made of Rubber wood. These rubber are seasoned and treated and then cut into a set of complementary rectangular shapes then these cut wooden shapes are joined and glued together. It look simply as Inerlock of fingers of our hands. These boards are generally used for table tops,beam, cabinet structures, wordrobe panels.

Teak Venner

Teak Venner are real wood venners.These real wood venner are composed of premium sliced hardwood that are spliced along the edges to make the full width, spilicing is also done in book matched pattern which is attractive and helps to hide the splicing seen. The Plywood backing allows the sheet strength , and the teak gives a Neat look of presentation and easily been pasted on the boards.

Pre Laminated Plywood

Pre laminated plywood are the plywood manufactured with the best plywood in combination with the best laminated sheets. These pre laminated plywood are the latest and modern means of plywood. pre laminated plywood comes with pre fixed laminated sheets .these plywood makes the work easier for the craftsman , with less time consuming and more economoical
These pre laminated plywood comes generally with white and off white colour .single side and both side
These material can be used for paneling, loft, shutters, cup boards

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